Friday, 21 September 2012

Me again!
I have results for the marmite experiment (if you could call it one)!
Out of 20 people,
15% love marmite (including moi),
80% hate it (unbelievable), and I didn't realise before, but my friend Niaomi (love2quote) hasn't actually tasted the delicacy before!
Fine, fine, it's not a 'delicacy'. Come on, forgive me; I'm allowed some creative freedom, surely!

The poll has closed *dramatic music* so I'm going to be writing a blog soon questioning wether or not most British people drink tea!
See you guys soon,
PS I apologise for such a short entry, and after such a lengthy period of time; I've been under brutal attack from the dreaded homework, the amount of which has suddenly increased due to the new school year.

1 comment:

  1. Well done! This has a very nice style to it. Your writing is fresh and lively and, most importantly, witty. I look forward to the great tea survey results!