Monday, 19 November 2012

I'm running low

Hi guys...
I need more stereotypes to bust, so I asked a bunch of vunderbar people on instagram and in school, but most responses have been quite brief and hard to make into a post sufficient to pass as part of an English assignment.
In fact, I'm typing this up during break-
And will certainly regret writing that in my English lesson.
So I've decided to, instead of writing a proper post, I'll just write up an array of responses that I received from insta.

There are 'fast food places everywhere. There's one down my street [in America]"

"Well, coming from a Canadian, honestly, lots of us love maple syrup, because it is superduperdelicious. And we only have polar bears in the arctic, the far north. But they don't wander around here XD"

"Not all Canadians like maple syrup (my friend's from Canada, and she can't stand it!)"
-Hanna shuller (please forgive any mis-spelled names)

I'm sorry for such a short attempt, but I'll be back with a proper, grammatically correct blog soon!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

A grumpy old bunch

So recently, I happened across the rather unfortunate stereotype that British citizens are unusually grumpy, and arrogant.

I think that this is a particularly disruptive, and quite frankly ridiculous assumption.
I have seen many arguments in the comments section of YouTube videos about racism, and have seen many accusations towards British people .

I believe that the basis for this personality stereotype is how the videos that "trolls" will watch, aggravate British people and they express their (temporary) feelings in the comments section- that is there for that specific reason. The other viewers then see these negative comments, and usually end up fighting with the other user.
I think that they then get the impression that we're just a grumpy old bunch, which I don't think is true.

Yes, we can be arrogant- but then, all people can be, in all countries, and it isn't really fair to judge an entire creed on a few negative reactions, that, if you think about it, could be understandable. Add the fact that in all countries, there are unpleasant people- but pleasant people to balance it out.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's wrong to judge an entire nation on the mistakes of a few nitwits.
It's ok of there is some truth to the stereotype, and isn't all negative (e.g British people love tea).