Thursday, 13 September 2012

Giant Eyebrows-?

Hello, it's me again!
I'm going to begin the series with a stereotype that I'd actually never heard of before- that British people have unusually large eyebrows.

I have been inspecting people's eyebrows (well, staring at them), much to their surprise, and I have noticed that they are quite big!
To confirm my hunch, I approached my friends with a ruler and asked them "Please can I measure your eyebrows?". I don't think they fully appreciated the importance of my task. All of them ran away, baying with laughter. That is, all except Noor, who simply sat by her computer and uttered in a dead monotone: "yup.". Hooray- someone agreed to participate in my highly important experiment! It's not as though she just said yes because she was mesmerised by the computer screen and didn't actually catch a single word I said. When I approached her about it later, she looked at me as though I was a nitwit and walked away.
I'm sure it's just a phase.
I know she really wants to have her eyebrows measured.
I know it.

Well, that's all the information I have presently!
I'll update soon!

PS- My twin Kitty said that this blog was a "really awful idea". 
Wow, such a supportive friend!
Kitty, if you're even bothering to read this, then look:
I have 8 WHOLE PAGE VIEWS! *walks off happily*

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