Monday, 3 December 2012


Hello guys!

Today I'm going to be talking about glasses! There's an infamous stereotype that people with spectacles are smart- and surprisingly, there can be some truth to that!
Some people require glasses because they've read too much in the dark. Reading is a symbol of education and intelligence, which is how I assume this particular stereotype came about.

The majority of people who need glasses, however, have inherited poor eyesight from relatives, and there can be other causes of acquiring glasses, such as reading too close to a page, or spending too much time on a computer or phone.

Just because I have glasses because I read too much in the dark, doesn't make me biased!
Most certainly not.
I think.
I hope.

Just a note-
There's the typical image of a "geek", or "nerd", who is usually portrayed with glasses. "Four eyes" is practically a classic in a bully's dictionary. Suddenly, people who don't require glasses are wearing fake ones because its become fashionable. Doesn't that seem a little unfair? Shouldn't the real glasses owners get some kind of credit? After teasing people with glasses for decades for no reason (you don't really have much choice but to wear glasses after being diagnosed with poor eyesight. That is, unless you're willing to wear contact lenses- certainly not me! I'm afraid of putting anything in my eye; I still have to talk myself into opening my eyes underwater- putting in a contact lens is my equivalent to wrapping your eye in cling film. No thank you. I suppose I'm just really melodramatic.).

Ok, rant over!
PS I have nought against people donning fake glasses for fashion, it just irritates me when someone has taken the mickey out of someone (*cough*me*cough*) for wearing "goofy glasses", and then whipped out their own fake pair. Seriously?! I despair with humanity. I think I shall resign to being a walrus.


  1. Superb blog! Who on earth is wearing fake glasses? This amazes me. Who do you think is responsible for this geek chic?

    Any chance you could share your thoughts on the stereotyping we see in Christmas adverts? Mum in the kitchen, grandpa drunk and incapacitated in the armchair... Etc...

    1. Thanks! Many people, unfortunately...
      I think it might be famous people wearing glasses that's responsible.

      Yeah! I'll do that as soon as possible!